Race Day

June 15th-16th, 2018

2018 Alaska Relay Sponsors
Price Schedule

Full Team - $1500
Ultra Team - $900
High School Team - $420
6-Pak Team - $750

Volunteer Info

Teams are required to provide two volunteers.

Having trouble recruiting volunteers? Use our non-profit hire option. We line up a number of great charitable groups to work throughout the course. Meet your volunteer requirement and support great groups in the community!

Leg 30
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Distance: 3.05 Miles
Elev Gain: 40 ft
Rating: Easy


Short Run along Upper Trail Lake and into Moose Pass. Runner on left shoulder

Mile 2.0: Turn into gravel driveway, then onto path on right.

Exchange: Trail Lake Lodge

Radio Release: Leg 31 starts at Primrose Campground 15 miles south. Teams will be released to go to Exchange 30B at Primrose and times will be noted.

Breakfast: Trail Lake Lodge will have a breakfast buffet available. Details to come!