1. Find out your Team name from your captain, and be sure to work out payment with them.
  2. Register at RelayGuide (link below). Be sure to select "Join your Team."
  3. You will not be charged during online registration.
  4. Stay tuned for updates from Alaska Relay & from your team captain.

Registration Steps

Looking To Join A Team?

If you are a runner looking to join a team click below, fill out a simple form and we will help match you with a team that is looking to add a runner.


Need A Runner For Your Team?

Do you need to find a runner to help fill out your team? If so click below and fill out a simple form and we will help match you with a runner looking to join a team.

Team Types

  • ​Full Team - The traditional 12 person team. This team can have less then 12, but not more. 
  • Ultra - For the extra challenge, a team of no more then 6. If considering less then 6 runners, please contact us.
  • 6-pak - Register 1/2 a Full Team and get paired with another 1/2 team. Be sure to specify your preference of van 1 (legs 1-6, 13-18, 25-30) or van 2 (legs 7-12, 19-24, 31-36).

June 15-16, 2018


  1. Register your team at RelayGuide (link below)! You pay the full price of the team and are registered as captain.
  2. Notify all your teammates (or start twisting arms to make friends into teammates!) to register as individuals OR simply add them yourself.
  3. Make sure they know your team name, and collect their money (they won't be charged by us).
  4. Check in to your team roster occasionally to make sure that there are no missing or misplaced runners.
  5. Make sure you watch your email for important information, and read the Race Guidebook when it is posted. You are the primary contact for your team.