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—What Is The Alaska Relay

Remember those great road trips with friends? The adventure? The life long inside jokes? That thing that happened at that place that we still don't talk about? NxNW Relays brings all of the fun of a road trip with your friends and combines it with your passion for running. We design relay race courses and bring the talent to put the whole thing on so you can pile in a van or two with your friends and have an adventure of a lifetime!

If you are wondering if this is a race full of elite level runners that are closing in on a four minute mile time, they will be here and are ready to compete. If you are a casual runner, or a company looking for a great team building event there will be a lot of teams like that as well.

Please Choose Which Applies To You

You are a hero! Taking the lead and putting a relay team together can be some work but a lot of fun too. We will try to do our best to make the work part as easy as possible.

Please take a few moments and review the information in the above tabs for all the detailed info on registering a relay team. Once you have done that and you are ready to go come back here and click that button over there on the right!

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You have found the right place! You are also in luck, your Team Captain has done all the heavy lifting. So all we will need from you is for you to fill out a simple form. You can find that form by clicking the "Sign Me Up" button.

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Are you a runner who would like to join an existing team? Well you are in luck since a lot of teams are looking to round out their rosters or replace a last minute vacancy. Just clcik the link over there to fill out the simple form to find your own dream team.

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Volunteers are awesome! There is no way this event could be put on without the help of you.

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Cancellation Policy

Following is our Refund/Deferral policy, applicable for race cancellation due to any reason.

Standard Teams

50% Credit for future use.

Cancel Covered Teams

The team captain will be given the choice of either A) 75% cash refund or B) 100% credit for future use.


- Credit/refund percentage is calculated on the amount paid (after any discounts), not list price.

- Credit can be used for any NxNW event or purchase and does not expire.

- All refunds and credits will be in the name of the team captain (NOT THE TEAM), but credit can be designated to a new team captain.

- If a team no-shows an event that happens as scheduled, they can receive credit, but not a refund.

- These terms do not supercede terms given to 2020 deferred teams, or the Threshold Cancellation Policy.

2021 Alaska Relay Pricing

Standard Teams Early Registration
Ends 12-31-2022
Normal Registration
Ends 04-30-2022
Late Registration
Ends 06-03-2022
Full Team (10-12 runners) $1300 $1500 $1700
Semi-Ultra (7-9 runners) $1000 $1200 $1400
Ultra Team (4-6 runners) $800 $925 $1050
6-Pack Team* $650 $750 $850
High School Team** $510 $510 $600
Cancel Covered Teams
Full Team $1480 $1680 $1880
Semi-Ultra $1135 $1335 $1535
Ultra $890 $1015 $1140
6-Pack $740 $840 $940

* 6-Pack teams are 1/2 a team to be paired with other 1/2 teams prior to the race.

** High School teams are specifically for students, and have special requirements.

Key Dates

  • April 23rd - Pre-Pairing Forms & completed Rosters due.
  • April 30th (midnight) - Regular Registration ends. 6 Packs can no longer upgrade to larger team.
  • May 1st-7th - Team pairing process.
  • May 7th - Team pairings announce, odd team notified, captains connected.
  • May 1st-June 11th - Late Reg, 6-packs paired as they register.
  • June 11th (midnight) - Late Registration ends, team name decision deadline, remaining odd team given final choice

6-Pack Teams

Half Teams, Full Fun

The 6-pack offers small groups the opportunity to join the relay without the heavy lift of wrangling together a full 12 runners. Here's how it works

  • Register a 6-pack team for exactly 1/2 price of a Full Team, with up to 6 runners.
  • Complete the Pre-Pairing form so we can do our best to match you.
  • In Earl May, NxNW will pair off all registered 6-Packs into Full 12 person teams and put the two Captains in contact.
  • Coordinate with your matched captain on team details like these:
Basic Contact Make sure you have good contact info and race day coordination for your two groups.
Team Mixing Will you meet-n-greet before the relay? Mix extra runners from one half to the other to fill holes? Pool any resources like vehicles, coolers, etc? Or will you just blind date it race day?
Team Name Are you keeping seperate names or unifying under one?
Team Theme Got a van decoration idea or team costume concept you want to work together on?

Your Questions...Answered!

Will our team be eligible to win our division? And what division would we be in?

Yes. For official standings you’ll be one team and your official time and team classification will be determined by the total of all 12 runners. So if one group is all women, and the second is all men, you’ll be a mixed team (though we will try and put like groups together).

What if we can't agree on a single team name, or don't want to merge names?

Definitely a critical topic. When you register you’ll have your own team name, and will maintain two distinct team names when we pair you unless you inform us otherwise. In announcements and results, we will name BOTH team names.

Can we mix our two teams runner assignments?

Absolutely. If you want to mix and mingle your groups, that it totally your prerogative.

What about team requirements? Volunteers? Safety Gear?

Again, we’ll consider you distinct groups unless you indicate otherwise. Each 6-pak is responsible to supply one volunteer, and will need to show all required safety gear at check-in. In the event of a problem like a no-show volunteer, it will only be held against the offending 6-pak NOT the full team (but none of that’s gonna happen!).

What happens if there's an odd number of 6-packs?

A reasonable possibility. If there's an odd-team-out, that team will be given the following choices:

  • Convert (at no cost) to an Ultra, Semi-Ultra, or Full Team (depending on how many additional people they can lure in by raceday).
  • Run as a "Coaster" Team. Run the legs you want, get the experience, shirts, medal, etc. You won't get an official time though. Details in Race Guide.
  • Take a 100% deferral to a future event.
Note: while teams will get paired the first week of May, the odd team out may still get a match before race day. The final decision point will be when registration officially closes on June 11th.

How will you determine which team is the odd one?

A combination of dice, magic beans, and astrology. But srsly.
The Pre-Pairing Form includes questions about a team's willingness to be the odd team and what choice they would make in that situation. Out of state teams will be avoided, and generally the later a team registers, the more likely they are to be the odd team. Ultimately, the Race Director makes the final decision.

Race Direction Signs

Volunteers Are Awesome & Required

Simply put without volunteers The Alaska Relay would be impossible to put on. Volunteers serve critical functions from helping with the course set-up/breakdown to being the friendly face at each exchange managing team traffic. Each team is required to provide for one (1) or two (2) volunteers as explained below. More are gladly accepted though and we promise to be nice to them.

To see the instructions we provide for the volunteers and see what we require of them (it is not much really) check them out.

Volunteer Instructions

Two Options To Meet Team Volunteer Requirement

1. B.Y.O.V.

Bring Your Own Volunteer to meet the volunteer requirement. Remember that friend you helped move who "owes you one"? Time to call in that favor.
6-Packs & Ultras - 1 volunteer required
Semi-Ultras & Full Teams - 2 volunteers required

Volunteer Assignment SignUps will open in early March.


2. Hire-A-Volunteer

The simple solution for fulfilling the volunteer requirement is to participate in our Hire-A-Volunteer program. We work with local non-profits who provide volunteers in exchange for a donation to their group. This is a great way to support local groups and have your participation in The Alaska Relay give a little back to the communities we run through.

Through 4/30
4/30 - 6/10
High School Team N/A N/A
6-Packs & Ultras $150 $300
Semi-Ultras & Full Teams $300 $600

A team can decide to change from BYOV to Hire-A-Volunteer and will be charged the appropriate rate based on when they notify the Director, not their registration date. Once a team selects Hire-A-Volunteer no changes can be made.

Race Direction Signs

All The Alaska Relay Paperwork

You will find links below to view and/or download the various liability waiver forms, race guides as well as course maps.

The 2021 Official Race Guide will be available in the spring. The 2019 Alaska Relay Race Guide is here for reference. Most rules and course routes stay the same year over year. Please take some time to review this document as it has all the information in it you will need to know. Each vehichle is required to have either a printed copy, or DOWNLOADED AND SAVED copy of this guide during the race.

View 2021 Guide

The confirmed 2021 Course Map will be available soon. Generally the course stays the same year over year. You can review the 2021 Course on the "Relay Info" page.

Every member of your team (including van drivers) must sign the attached waiver. The document has space for 15 people, but you DO NOT have to have everyone sign the same copy.

Minors must have the separate minor waiver signed by a parent/guardian.

Will be made available in Spring 2021